Here are some screenshots from the most recent code. Of course, some of them may look a little, well, ugly, but that's why people invented beta versions. More to come as more things are implemented.

Also note that the dialogue here is from a sample case that I made for the sake of testing this whole engine. Of course, you'll be able to write your own dialogue, so don't think that what you see here is all you get.

In other news: I like to sleep often.

User provided custom title screen

Stock title screen image

Character speech and plain font

Dialogue between characters

Examining a location

Moving between locations

Selecting a talk option

Formatted green font


Foreign languages are always fun

Multicolored dialogue

Viewing the Court Record

Presenting evidence

It's our friendly judge

The prosecutor's pad

Talking with our lovable partner

Phoenix himself, reporting in

Taking advantage of Gumshoe

Responding with evidence

Responding with profiles, yeah!

Selecting an answer...

Larry's view on things

3 o'clock? Really?

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