For those of you who are making your own cases, you'll probably be in the need for some help at one point. Or, perhaps you're totally new to this whole case editor. This section provides some documentation, in the form of tutorials, guides, etc, that you may find useful.


If you are interested in compiling the source code, here are some detailed instructions as to what dependencies you need and how your development environment should work. Of course, this is what I chose to do, so as long as you have downloaded all of the needed dependencies, you can go Rambo with your compiler.

Note: these guides are intended for other developers who are already well versed in C++ and compiler usage. The reason these guides exist is so others who are interested in working on the project can get started right away. Normal users probably shouldn't try and compile the project since headaches are bound to arise (but you're welcome to give it a whack).

In addition to the above guides, complete source code API documentation is also available. Every major class and function is covered, and cryptic parameters are also explained.

Finally, some other documentation that doesn't fit into any specific category:

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